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Upcoming events


            New years Eve  Dec 31st

                        Please join us for an evening of fun and camaraderie on New Years Eve at the Hall.

                            Spend some time with your friends and neighbours around the fire or inside the Hall playing darts or card games

                                    Everyone is welcome

                                        More info to come


The Shelter is coming along nicely!!!

    Check HERE for pics



Shelter Fund Raiser

    We have several items for sale to raise funds for the Pond Shelter

            Please click HERE for information




About Me

     My name is Roland Ward and along with my wife Frances, we have been owners in Bergen Springs since 1993. I own and maintain the Bergensprings.ca website, not to be confused with the Board owned website Bergenestates.ca. Bergen Springs has been a major part of our lives for the past 30 years. I have either been on the board as a board member or worked as a committee member for the majority of my time here. I developed our current Health and Safety plans and the Disaster Preparedness Plan (download from my website) and I was responsible for the AED units we have in the park now and arranging for setting up a STARS site number Our Site Number is 6877 . I will still be maintaining this website and I will endeavor to post current issues and in particular Social Events for everyone to see.


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   SEPTIC dumps (personal note)

     There is an alternative option for septic removal. You can call J & A Kenze Septic Services @ 403-312-2346 (mobile) or 403-994-5674 . They are considerably cheaper and so far have given very good service even on short notice. I was going to be charged $225 for an unscheduled dump so I called Kenze Septic and they were out next day and charged me $100 for a 1000 gal tank.

Also NOTE: This is NOT managed by the Board so you must arrange your own service date and make your own payment to Kenze.


  Emergency Exit - Lot 110

  This is just a note to remind everyone (or inform anyone who may not know) that our Emergency exit at Lot 110 is for emergency access only. The owners of lot 110 have been gracious enough to allow this Emergency exit through their lot, but it is NOT a pathway or casual use access. Please do not trespass on their property (except in the event of an actual emergency ex. forest fire). Thank you for being good neighbours.

                   BSCA Board of Directors



Information on the Bud Worm



Home Deliveries:

    It is possible to have fed-x deliver to your site but please put the correct address on the label.

             Your Name: Abcd Efghi

        (your lot number = XXX)    XXX - 5227 Twp Rd 320, Bergen


    Note: this is the same address you would give 911 in case of an emergency.


        5227 is the designated rural address for Bergen Springs in general so you need to put your lot number XXX in front of it.

        Twp 320 Rd is Township Road 320 which is the Bergen Road



        We have talked about this before but PLEASE DO NOT PUT ASHES IN THE DUMPSTER unless they have sat in a "steel" bucket for at least a week. We had a dumpster fire again a few months ago and with the right wind conditions it could have spread to the garage or forest!!!

    ALSO, in case you did not notice, we live in a forest, so please spread your leave there instead of the dumpster but if you feel you must use the dumpster then dump them freely in the dumpster so they settle down to the bottom instead of using valuable space with plastic bags.


     Please DO NOT EVER dump propane tanks or explosive or corrosive material into the dumpsters


Our own little Value Village (Pronounced Vilauge)

     If you leave items at the front by the garbage bins, please ensure they are usable or if not usable then label them as needing some repair.

    I have taken and left many articles and actually look forward to checking it out on weekends for hidden treasures.


    Please DO NOT leave junk that should be going to the land fill because it is left to volunteers to take this crap away and with the cost of gas these days it is a cost no one else should have to incur just because you are to cheap or lazy to take it to the reclamation site yourself (end of rant).


Social Activities



Social Club

    If anyone is interested in joining the Social Club please contact the Board admin@bergenestates.ca

    If you are interested in organizing just one function (such as a Chili cook off) or if you are willing to help out at any of the events that people may want to organize, please contact the Board admin@bergenestates.ca


   ALL EVENTS need help with setup and cleanup of the Hall so please be willing to hang around after and help out.


 A couple of reminders

               Remember to properly latch garbage containment doors behind you when you use them.

               Please refrain from setting out feed for deer.  It can be detrimental to the deer population, particularly in winter.  It also attracts predators to our area, making it unsafe for our children and pets.






Watch Your Speed

    The speed limit in the Park is a Maximum of 15KM starting at the front Gate


                        As stated in our Bylaws


  h) Vehicles

       iv) not drive or permit to be driven any motor vehicle on the Parcel at a

speed in excess of fifteen (1 5) kilometres per hour;

       vi) helmets (CSA certified or otherwise appropriate) must be worn by

operators of all motorized vehicles who are fourteen (14) years of

age and younger. The exception would be if they hold a valid

learners permit and are driving under the supervision of an adult in

accordance with Alberta provincial law;

      vii) the Owners lot number must be prominently displayed on all ATV's

being driven on common property. This includes guests vehicles;

     viii) the owner of any ATV's being driven in an unsafe manner are

subject to fines (this includes exceeding the 15KM speed limit).

Owners are responsible for the actions of their guests;


    We continue to have complaints about dust raised by people speeding in the park so please slow down and make sure your visitors are also aware of this.


SEPTIC TANKS                           

    See Septic tank Info in left hand column

Effective April 1, 2020, the septic service fees will be:

As a gentle reminder, the Condo Association is not required to provide this service, nor do we add a surcharge to the above fees.  We simply accept the requests for service (via your payments) and pass the payment, in full, to the service provider.

Regards,  Your Board of Directors

Personal NOTE by Roland:

    There is an alternative option for septic removal. You can call J & A Kenze Septic Services @ 403-312-2346 (mobile) or 403-994-5674 . They are considerably cheaper and so far have given very good service even on short notice.



Wild Caraway has been declared a noxious plant by Mountain View County

If you find this plant on your property please make every effort to remove it.



       If you have a complaint you may

            a) Email the Board at admin@bergenestates.ca

            b) Drop a written note at the Community Hall

            c) Mail it to

                   Complaint Response Committee

                   RR2, Site 2, Box 33 

                   T0M 1X0

            d)  OR BETTER YET, go talk to your neighbour and work it out.


            Please ensure that you include your contact information so that the Board may respond.



For BSCA Hall bookings

    To book the Hall for an event, please send an email to:


or talk to Donna at Lot #1

Please put Hall Booking Request in your subject line. Our Hall Administrator, Nancy McConnell, will reply to your email to confirm your booking.



Please remember that we live in a natural forest area and even though there are various trails through the trees on common property, these paths are not maintained and there are trees, tree limbs and deadfall throughout the area that can be very dangerous especially when it is windy. If you see a particularly dangerous situation please let the board know.

Safety note - Use these trails at your own risk.




Bergen Springs - Fire Pit guidelines

    This guideline meets the County of Mountain View definition of an "acceptable Fire-pit".


 Albert Fire Bans web site


    During a "Mountainview County "partial fire ban" the Board has decided to err on the side of caution and will initiate a Full Fire Ban within the park. This is a good decision as we have so much to loose if a wildfire were to happen in the park.




  Please DO NOT EVER dump ashes into the dumpsters. 

   Please DO NOT EVER dump propane tanks or explosive or corrosive material into the dumpsters

        See Dumpsters in left hand column


Check out The Bergen News for local interests and stories about our area.  http://www.thebergennews.ca  

Please remember that, as agreed on at the last AGM,  all ATV/golf carts/motor bikes/ etc... should have your lot number clearly marked on the vehicle. This also applies to any visitors vehicles.


 NOTE: It is the owners responsibility to ensure their guests are aware of and follow the bylaws.

     There are NO OFF ROAD AREAS FOR MOTORIZED VEHICLES anywhere within the park. (quads, ski-doos or what ever). Also, the 15 KM/Hr speed limit applies to all vehicles. If you have guests in the park driving any vehicles around please make sure they know and abide by the rules.




Notice to Pet Owners:

  In the past we have had several complaints about dogs (especially large dogs) leaving their mess on the road, on private property and on common property. It is the pet owners responsibility and OBLIGATION to pick up after their pets. Just because it is winter it does not mean you can scrape a little snow over it because it will still be there in the spring for your neighbours to to see, smell and ultimately have to clean up.

  Please be responsible and clean up after your pets.



See the Photo Gallery for shots of Bergen Springs

If you have photos from the Park that you would like included in the Photo Gallery please send them to me at roland.ward@bergensprings.ca



Do you have an e-mail address?

If you would like to be on the e-mail list for updates on park issues please send it into the Board at admin@bergenestates.ca